Network Aesthetics | Network Cultures: Mock Conference



Location: Regenstein 207
Date: Tuesday, December 3
Time: 1:00-4:20pm


Panel 1: Electronic Literature and Generative Text
– Hannah Brooks-Motl: “Anthology and the Interface: Poetry Encounters in the Digital Age”
– Max McKenna: “Code is a Code is a Code is a Code: Modernist Topographies of Reading in Electronic Literature”
– Lucas G. Pinheiro: “‘Don t Worry If You Are Not Computer:’ Horse_ebooks and Posthuman Subjectivity in New Media Poetics”

Panel 2: Network Art and Alternative Aesthetics
– Marie-Agathe Simonetti: “Raqs Media Collective: Collaboration, Translocation, and Network Practice”
– Jean-Thomas Tremblay: “Emergence amid the Cultivated Breath in Luce Irigaray’s Nonrepresentational (Aesth)Ethics of Difference”

Panel 3: Network Games and Virtual Worlds
– Mikki Kressbach: “The Great Flu and Contagion Games”
– Sarah Kunjummen: “Virtual Worlds and Social Media”
– Steven Maye: “Leaving People Speechless: Journey and the Politics of Aesthetic Response”

Panel 4: Social Media
– Will Carosella: “Memetic Nursery and Social Media”
– Maddy Wendell: “The Share Button: Facebook’s role in ‘Sharing’ Collective Memory”




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